Green Path Artificial Turf

love your pets back with a perfectly groomed lawn without all the maintenance.

Green Path Artificial Turf understands every pet owner has different needs. This is why our professional team will help you find the right mix of artificial grass product selection, installation technique and maintenance schedule individualized for your application. We work with you to determine just what you need and design your specific artificial grass pet solution to fulfill that need.

Our artificial grass for pets was designed with our furry family members’ safety and comfortability in mind. We know that not all turf is created equal and we also know that our lawns are the living spaces for our pets so they spend a lot of time on it. Which is why drainage, cushioning and durability are important.

We look forward to creating a perfect space for your furry friend to have a clean, comfortable space to play, relax (or whatever it is they do), without worries of pests or their paws getting dirty.

benefits of greenpath artificial turf

We know taking the leap is hard and can be scary when making such a long-term commitment. However, that’s exactly why we come alongside you to make sure you get the best artificial grass area for your pet. You’ll instantly start enjoying the benefits of cleaner grass, no muddy paws, water savings and super low maintenance.


A pest-free lawn is a favorite among the many benefits of having artificial turf. Natural grass is a breeding ground for pests such as fleas and ticks, which causes our furry family members a wide range of diseases that can even be brought into our homes.


I’m sure your pets will thank you for being eco-friendly. Afterall they like to enjoy a clean environment too. You’ll both be glad to skip all the chemicals that are used to treat natural lawns from pests, dark spots and other maintenance issues. Not to mention the downtime that’s needed when using those harsh chemicals.


Odor controlling top-dressing (sometimes referred to as infill) is added to each pet installation reducing 80% of the odors caused by the ammonia in pet waste. Our pet deodorizing top-dressing options also help keep the grass cool, and won’t clog drainage or deteriorate your grass.


The earth will love you back for this one as well as your wallet. You’ll start saving water immediately after installation. The only time you’ll need to use water for your artificial turf is when you do an occasional rinse after your pet’s potty. This allows you to reduce your water usage dramatically and save money month after month.


You can check-off lawn maintenance from your list FOREVER! No more countless hours spent mowing, weed pulling, and catering to the dead spots. This saves you time and money every month when trying to maintain a green lawn yourself or with expensive lawn care services.


We understand that it may feel like a big expense initially but your savings will last a lifetime. Since you’re eliminating your regular monthly maintenance expenses you’ll be able to utilize those savings every month towards paying off other bills or eliminating other expenses.