Green Path Artificial Turf


{new-jersey:uppercase_first_character_words}, New Jersey

With {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass}, your {lawn|yard} will be looking nice and healthy throughout the entire year, thus allowing you to get some much needed rest and worry-free living. You {can|can also} forget about harmful pesticides and weed killing products, thus helping you do your valued part in protecting our beloved planet!

{That’s|That is} why {so many|many} New Jersey homeowners and {businesses|companies} are turning to {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass}. The more you {start|begin} to think and consider possibilities, the more you begin to see why {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} is becoming more popular. Artificial grass creates instant green spaces which {don’t|never} require watering, mowing or pesticides. With proper installation, it {can|will} integrate seamlessly {with|into} surrounding landscapes and natural features. It can be {installed|placed} around trees, {concrete|rocks}, {pools|ponds}, under bushes, on {hills|hillsides}, yard furniture, and much more.

Our {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} installers are experienced, local {pros|professionals} that take {joy|pride} in their work. Our {turf|grass} has been used in {homes|yards}, hotels, playgrounds and {golf courses|golf greens}, anywhere you may need a low maintenance {surface|lawn}, inside and out. With {years|many years} of experience {providing|giving} professional {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} installation; You can rest assured that {you’re|you are} working with the best company in {new-jersey:uppercase_first_character_words}  your money can buy. Our {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} installation team is ready to bring you the best {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} on the market for your home or commercial property. No matter what your need is, we {sell|offer|supply|distribute} a superior product, years of experience and a {commitment|dedication} to making sure {you’ll|you will} enjoy your {synthetic|artificial} {yard|lawn} for {years to come|a very long time}.

Benefits of {Synthetic|Artificial} {Turf|Grass} in {new-jersey:uppercase_first_character_words}, New Jersey


Our pet {turf|grass} is {specially|specifically} designed to stay clean through even the smelliest of messes and it drains just like natural grass. {Unlike|Opposite of} natural grass, {synthetic|artificial} turf helps with pest control as no water is {needed|necessary} and pest simply {do not|don’t} like to live in it.


{Synthetic|Artificial} {turf|grass} eliminates the need for pesticides or fertilizers. Since no lawn equipment, like mowers, weed eaters and leaf blowers are {in use|needed}, less toxic fumes are {spit|put} into the air. This makes it the {ultimate|most} eco-conscious choice.


Never again do you have to fight the green grass stains on the kids clothing or mud stricken area that are popular everywhere. {Kids|Children} can play on our {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} as hard on it as they {please|want}, it will not compromise the quality of the blades. It is highly resilient to {all|different} weather conditions and suitable for heavy foot traffic.


{Synthetic|Artificial} {turf|grass} starts saving water right after the installation. Your yard will stay green, {you’ll|you will} save on water bills, and have assurance that {you’re|you are} saving water for future generations.


Yes, it’s true, {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} {requires|needs} very little maintenance. No more mowing in 100 plus degree {temperatures|heat}. No more spending {money|hundreds of dollars} monthly on lawn care services or spending your precious time doing it yourself. {Synthetic|Artificial} {turf|grass} is easy to clean and take care of. You don’t need to worry about {dead spots|muddy patches} because synthetic grass is ready year-round.


Our {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} endures New Jersey’s different weather conditions; it lasts through temperature changes and sustains its natural look through cold, snowy winters and hot summer months.

Our Recent {Synthetic|Artificial} {Turf|Grass} Projects

Checkout our recent {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} installations! We take pride in every project we do and it shows through by our happy customers! If you need a putting green installed for entertainment, an {synthetic|artificial} lawn in your {yard|backyard} for your kids to play, or a commercial or sports project such as a playground or {football|baseball|soccer} field. We got {you|it} covered!

Artificial Grass for Homeowners New York

Our mission is to ensure our {new-jersey:uppercase_first_character_words}, New Jersey customers are completely satisfied with the look and feel of their {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass}.

Residential {Synthetic|Artificial} {Turf|Grass} in New Jersey

{Synthetic|Artificial} {turf|grass} is {the prefect|and excellent} solution to making your backyard a place of beauty as well as a {maintenance|worry} free environment! {Lush|Plush} and lifelike, the synthetic surface boasts a realistic “fresh cut” appearance combined with a soft pleasing feel. The highest quality {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} paired with our original designs and top of the line workmanship, your kids, pets and you will {enjoy|love} spending time at home again. The minimal maintenance, great looks and performance attributes make it an ideal alternative to the traditional natural grass lawn. {It’s|It is} environmentally friendly and safe for both {kids|children} and pets. {We will|We’ll} ensure you get {all|everything} you need for a beautiful {new-jersey:uppercase_first_character_words}, New Jersey landscape that will stand the test of time. In addition to rooftop gardens and lawns, landscape designers are integrating turf into all types of courtyards, walkways, and other areas to integrate more green space into their designs.

Commercial {Synthetic|Artificial} {Turf|Grass} in New Jersey

Use {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} in any space to make an immediate, and permanent, impact. Use it in commercial spaces to make a statement. {That’s|That is} right, {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} is practically maintenance-free, edge-to-edge. We {can|will} install nearly any style of {turf|grass} in any{new-jersey:uppercase_first_character_words}, location, and we do so with an understanding of the importance of proper installation. They’ll make a great first impression on everyone who visits your facility and save you money too. This way, you aren’t just getting a rectangle of {turf|grass} on your property—{you’re|you are} getting something that looks like it should be there. Business, school, and communities have cited benefits such as all-weather play, decreased long-term costs and an increase in community access when compared to natural grass. In addition to rooftop gardens and lawns, landscape designers are integrating {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} into all types of courtyards, walkways, and other areas to integrate more green space into their designs.

Sport {Synthetic|Artificial} {Turf|Grass} in New Jersey

The tremendous amount of both public and private {athletic|sports} and training facilities in New Jersey find {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} to be a very functional, long term practical investment. Our {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} offers unlimited play, low maintenance and performance found only in the best kept grasses. Our proven synthetic sports surfaces are ideal for soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields, multi-purpose fields, lacrosse, field hockey, bocce, and croquet. Our synthetic sports {turf|grass} can be installed in both indoor and outdoor venues. Our experienced staff will help you through every phase of the project. We believe attention to detail during installation is one of the most critical ingredients in the beauty and durability of {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass}.