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With {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass}, your {lawn|yard} will {stay|be} looking nice and healthy throughout the {whole|entire} year, allowing you to spend your valuable time with family and friends. {Synthetic|Artificial} {turf|grass} is eco-friendly, Artificial grass creates instant green spaces which {don’t|never} require watering, mowing or pesticides, thus helping you do your part in protecting our beloved planet! With proper installation, it {can|will} integrate seamlessly {with|into} surrounding landscapes and natural features. It can be {installed|placed} around trees, {concrete|rocks}, {pools|ponds}, under bushes, on {hills|hillsides}, and much more.

{That’s|That is} why {so many|many} homeowners and {businesses|companies} are turning to {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass}. The more you {start|begin} to think and consider possibilities, the more you begin to see why {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} is becoming more popular.

Our {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} installers in are experienced, local {pros|professionals} that take {joy|pride} in their work. Our {turf|grass} has been used in {homes|yards}, hotels, playgrounds and {golf courses|golf greens}, anywhere you may need a low maintenance {surface|lawn}, inside and out. With {years|many years} of experience {providing|giving} professional {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} installation; You can rest assured that {you’re|you are} working with the best company in your money can buy. Our {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} installation team is ready to bring you the best {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} on the market for your home or commercial property. No matter what your need is, we {sell|offer|supply|distribute} a superior product, years of experience and a {commitment|dedication} to making sure {you’ll|you will} enjoy your {synthetic|artificial} {yard|lawn} for {years to come|a very long time}.

greenpath has the most experienced {synthetic|artificial} turf installers in , .

Our installation services in include everything from removing your existing grass, grading the installation area for proper water drainage, installing real stone base layer, standard compacting and most important our {natural|realistic} looking, fine grade synthetic grass that creates the most real looking {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} appearance.


benefits of greenpath artificial turf

{Synthetic|Artificial} {turf|grass} can dramatically transform your landscaping all around your home or business in , . You’ll love the benefits of enjoying year-round exceptional beauty or a useful play area for {kids|children} and pets. Green Path Artificial Turf offers {unique|custom} solutions that fix the common problems many homeowners and businesses face with their natural grass lawns. On top of saving time and money your yard will be one less thing to worry about and will always be ready for entertaining. And {that is|that’s just the beginning of the benefits.


Specifically {created|designed} not to look fake. Our {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} blades are long and supple. The colors, blends of earthy greens and brown, are a match for Mother Nature. All the details emulate {real|natural} grass – fiber tips evoking fresh-cut grass, staggered blade heights, contrasting hues, even a dead grass thatch. {It is|It’s} perfectly green, day after day, regardless of the weather.

{eco|environmentally} friendly

{Synthetic|Artificial} {grass|turf} {eliminates|removes} the need for pesticides or fertilizers. It {will|can} also {remove|eliminate} the need for any lawn maintenance equipment which {lowers|reduces|limits} dangerous emissions, a key ingredient of smog.

{kid|child} friendly

{Kids|Children} can play on our {synthetic|artificial} {grass|turf} as {hard|much} as they {please|want}, it will not compromise the quality of the blades. It is {highly|very} {durable|resilient} to all weather types, and suitable for heavy foot traffic.

water savings

{Synthetic|Artificial} {grass|turf} {starts|begins} {saving|preserving} water right after the installation. Your {yard|lawn} will stay green, {you will|you’ll} save on water bills, and have assurance that {you are|you’re} saving water for future generations.

low maintenance

No more {time|weekends} spent on lawn mowing, weed pulling, and making sure that you don’t have {dead spots|muddy patches}. No more {throwing away|spending} hundreds of dollars on lawn care services.

East Coast Football Grass


Your lawn mowing days are over! {Synthetic|Artificial} {grass|turf} is a fool-proof way to {boost|increase|raise} your homes curb appeal while saving time and money on maintenance. Green Path Artificial Turf supplies you with the highest quality {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} in the industry that eliminates any lawn maintenance! When you install artificial turf, you’re making an investment that will last up to 25 years. Our {reliable|dependable|professional} installation crews are {very|highly} experienced, so we can make expert suggestions based on your needs. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers by providing beautiful, affordable, {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} oasis that you, your family and {friends|pets} will appreciate for years to come.


Green Path Artificial Turf has extensive experience in installing {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} lawns in the commercial market. We carry many different types of turf, thus a wide variety of different choices. You can bet that we have an {synthetic|artificial} {turf|grass} that fits your lifestyle and outdoor living needs. Unlike residential, commercial {synthetic|artificial} {grass|turf} is designed and manufactured for large scale, commercial projects only. Businesses and governments all across the are making the switch to artificial {grass|turf} for their commercial landscape options in order to take advantage of the many {benefits|pros to|advantages} synthetic {grass|turf} offers. Our high-quality {synthetic|artificial} {grass|turf} offers consistency in color, {feel|texture} and overall appearance without the nuisances of natural grass: watering, mowing, weeds, pest control, reseeding and more.


The {large|broad} range of sport turf products ensures that there will be a synthetic turf system engineered to meet the demands of your team’s sport. Our sports field turf is durable, {reliable|dependable} and safe. This {synthetic|artificial} {choice|option} offers unlimited play, low maintenance and performance found only in the best kept grasses. Every sports field is different, but a great sports field design should be customized to fit your specific {synthetic|artificial} {grass|turf} wants and needs. We {sell|offer|supply|distribute} {synthetic|artificial} {grass|turf} installation in that can be installed in both indoor and outdoor venues. There are many types of sports turf being used such as: football turf, soccer turf, baseball turf, putting green turf, batting cage turf. Whatever sport your team plays, Green Path Artificial Turf is ready to take the field.


No more muddy paws on your patio or into your house. No more bald spots or dead grass from urine. All of the pet turf products have been tested and certified safe. Not only safe for pets, but also safe for families and the surrounding environment. Imagine a surface that your dogs won’t be able to dig up, won’t fade in the sun, and requires little-to-no maintenance! Pet turf is a great alternative to sod, bark or concrete for your pet. We {carry|have} an exclusive line of products with a super quick flow backing, so that urine and or water may filter down into the base that we install under the turf. It drains fast and clean. Feces clean up is as easy as 1-2-3. Just wipe or wash off any excess after pickup. No more wet smelly piles to clean up after irrigating your real grass. It’s always dry!

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