Green Path Artificial Turf

Owning your own business has never been easier with all the resources and support we offer. We're here to help make your business a success.

Business is booming in the artificial grass industry and only expected to continue growing. With that in mind, there is definitely room for new players and these are some of the high-reward business opportunities in the industry to try for a piece of the action. We can provide you with knowledge, support, and training that will empower you to succeed. Our dealership program allows you to start an artificial grass business with the best wholesale pricing, training, marketing, and lead support.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Expand Your Business

Becoming a territory holder with U.S. Artificial Grass gives you an opportunity to start or expand your business. Our program is perfect for entrepreneurs, contractors, landscapers and suppliers. Artificial turf sales and installations are currently growing at an annual overall rate of 20% and is expected to continually increase in popularity because of its water saving benefits and pet friendliness.

High Profitability

Our business model is proven to yield a high profit margin for owners. Depending on your area typical profit margins range from 40% – 60%.

In Demand

With an increasing awareness for eco friendly products, the turf industry is the right answer to those looking to decrease their carbon footprint, reduce water usage and limit the exposure of harmful chemicals and toxins from fertilizers and weed control products.

Step-by-Step Training

We will teach you the proper installation techniques. Eliminate call backs or expensive and timely repairs when you learn how to professionally install artificial turf so you get it right the first time. Hands on training for installation, estimating, measuring and selling is available and required for each dealer.

Lead Generation

We supply our dealers with quality leads of people looking to get artificial grass installation. With years of marketing, advertising and reputation building, we consider ourselves knowledgeable in successful lead generation.

Support Network

With our 15 years experience, we know what works and will help you along the way. By way of estimating, installation, measuring or any area where you need help, we have a multitude of professionals ready to help, offering advice, and tried and true methods.

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