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Busy lifestyles, water restrictions and high utility bills make it almost impossible to keep your lawn looking its best. Consequently, more people are looking towards artificial grass for landscape. Artificial turf always looks bright, green and fresh-cut, even in the harshest conditions.  It’s soft, safe, comfortable, easy to maintain – and the perfect complement to any courtyard or landscaping project.

Green Path Artificial Turf has the largest selection of artificial turf in Colorado! Our turf products are perfect for both residential and commercial applications. We engineer all of our synthetic grass products to look and feel like real grass. Best of all, our products are highly durable and can withstand heavy and consistent foot traffic. The beauty behind our products is that they are low maintenance, require little-to-no watering, and absolutely no mowing!

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Artificial lawns are slowly becoming a staple in more and more homes and businesses around the world. In fact, in some places, there are laws being introduced to how they should be maintained. Lawns are beautiful facades that give onlookers an idea of what the rest of your home looks like. Every day more homes, offices, industrial parks, commercial buildings, parks, and sports fields throughout the nation and around the world are making the switch to artificial grass.