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installing artificial turf on your sports field is a definite SCORE!

Just like you take the game seriously, we take installation on a sports turf field seriously. We understand that installing the right turf for a specific sport can make all the difference. It can prevent falls, increase traction, provide cushion. Green Path Artificial Turf has athletic turf for both indoor and outdoor applications that you need to get your field and facility up and running.

Sports fields are hardier and more versatile when synthetic grass is used. Artificial turf is suitable for all kinds of sports, but it is most often used for baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, and rugby. Many track and field events also take place on a synthetic grass field. Our extensive experience from designing and building both playgrounds and athletic fields led us to develop quality synthetic turf systems ideal for recreational fields. Our sports turf fields are soft to the touch but utilize a highly durable thatch layer that provides the support and durability for even the toughest applications.

The benefits of having artificial grass for your sports field is endless. It saves you time and money but also saves the earth all that water making your turf field eco-friendly. You’ll be glad you made the switch when your sports field is always ready for playing no matter what the weather condition is. GAME ON!

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benefits of greenpath artificial turf

You may already be familiar with the benefits of installing artificial turf on your sports field. Some of our favorites are easy maintenance, great durability, aesthetic appeal, excellent performance, and everyone’s favorite… more game time! However, your benefits go beyond the artificial grass when you decide to choose Green Path Artificial Turf as your installer. We’ll walk alongside you making sure you have the best grass for your sports field.


Artificial turf increases game time and practice hours since athletes can train daily on the synthetic fields, without worrying about the weather. It has been estimated that artificial turf fields can be used for about 3,000 hours a year, whereas natural fields can only be played on for 700 hours a year.


Natural grass gets damaged with rough sports and floods during the rainy season which damages the flat surface of the playing field. However, artificial turf does not degrade in wind, rain or snow, which is an awesome perk for a sports field. It also holds up well against tough sports like football and soccer.


Puddling can be a major issue when it comes to sports. Games can get canceled due to puddling because it puts players at risk for injury. Prior to the turf being installed, the ground is rolled and smoothed out eliminating grooves and valleys where water can accumulate. Small irrigation channels help drain away excess water and prevent it from pooling in low areas.


It can be quite expensive to water an entire sports field. However, immediately after installation, you’ll start saving water and money. This allows you to eliminate water usage for your sports field and utilize the money you’re saving on other things like upgrading your sports equipment.


You’ll be glad to have a field that’s always ready for the game. Natural grass requires tons of water and lots of mowing, weed pulling, and catering to the dead spots. Artificial turf saves you time and money by minimizing the maintenance that’s needed for a nice green playing field.


Our high-end sports turf fields have great traction, are slip-resistant, and feel just like the real thing – it is soft to the touch, has a sand-and-rubber infill that gives it the same bounce as a natural grass lawn, and is firm enough for athletes to run on or fall on. Some argue that synthetic turf is better than natural grass when it comes to optimal performance.