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No one enjoys the mess your dog gets into with your lawn, except your dog! Yes, it’s fun to see them having a good old time playing but who is first in line to clean it up, repair the holes, or take them a bath. Not to mention all the grass that gets tracked in your house. You frequently end up doing more work than you expected. This is exactly why artificial grass is a perfect solution for your dogs. Below are several reasons why artificial grass has been increasingly popular amongst pet owners.

No Lawn Damage

All it takes is a brand new tennis ball and furry family member to create some serious damage to a fresh cut lawn. There is just something about dogs and their tennis balls that make them go crazy trying to burry it. It can be cute to watch but man, the damage it does to your lawn can be brutal. Add some water to that mix and you have a complete disaster. The great thing about artificial grass is that it doesn’t have any dirt that can turn into mud. It’s durable and soft making it perfect for playtime.

No Messy Business

When your dog handles its business on a natural lawn you’ll be left with quite a bit a dead spots. The high nitrogen content of dog urine kills grass and can be difficult to repair. With artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about your dog handling its business. It’s super easy to clean and in most cases, all that you need is to spray it down. Also, artificial turf has terrific drainage that allows the urine to filter down and not sit on the surface which helps tremendously with the smell.

No Creepy Crawlers

Natural lawns are a home for ants, fleas, ticks, snakes, or other critters that can threaten the health of your dog. Adding pesticides only adds more risk to your pets, family members, and the environment. Pests are not fans of artificial grass because it doesn’t hold the nutrients that they need to survive. This perk is beneficial for not only your pets but also your family members.

Fewer Chemicals

As mentioned above chemicals can be risky for your dogs and little ones. In order to maintain a lush green lawn you need to use fertilizers and pesticides, however, but those chemicals can pose a real threat to your dog’s health especially if they like to eat grass for fun. Synthetic grass contains far fewer chemicals, so, even if your dog nibbles on it a bit, it’ll still be a way safer option for them. Most dogs realize artificial grass is not for eating and choose to stop grazing once owners make the switch.

Lots of Choices

Artificial grass has a ton of options. You’ll get to decide what’s best for your landscaping and for your pet. There are so many cool features to decide on like longer blades, super short blades, odor control, cooling protection, extra durable. What matters most is the new attractive landscaping you’ll get to enjoy while giving your dog a place to play.

Affordable & Green Without Hard Work

You may think artificial grass is way too expensive but that’s a common misconception. Synthetic turf is not only cost-effective but you’ll also spend a lot less time maintaining it. You’ll get to experience the savings immediately after installation by not having to water daily. No more mowing, weed pulling, and pampering your lawn in efforts to keep it green. Don’t delay, contact Green Path Artificial Turf at 844-988-0008, and see what they can do for you.

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